Wisdom of Ancestors

Inheriting the traditions of health and beauty

Happiness begins
with your health

What is a happy life?
This is something everyone has thought about at least once in their life.
Abraham Maslow, who is one of the most influential psychologists of 20th century,
proposed that while each person may value happiness differently,
human needs can be represented in five steps.
Only once a step has been satisfied, person can move up to the next.
By completing each step in order, we are able to achieve happiness.
The first step in his theory is the physiological needs for living. In order to be happy,
one must have good health first.


LEOJULIEN believes it is time to return to the basics,
and to re-evaluate the forgotten materials that can be extracted from the nature.
We believe that truly valuable ingredients are natural and simple,
especially in the excessively consumerist society we now live in.
Our concept is to gain new ideas by studying the past.
Thus, we offer products made from natural ingredients with practical value,
that can be easily incorporated into the modern lifestyle.
Furthermore, we focus on obtaining only concentrated natural ingredients from reliable and independent routes.
The recent increase in awareness of health and self care is directly influencing the demand
for superfood and organic products.
The various health effects provided by these ingredients have been gaining positive attention from the beauty,
health, and even medical fields.
Therefore, we are proposing a 'true self-care' through products made from those
traditional plants, fruits, seeds, and other natural ingredients.



LEOJULIEN’s black seed oil is a 100% virgin oil carefully produced by local Egyptian craftsmen, and is cold-pressed in order to extract a high quality oil. More than 100 kinds of nutrients / vitamins A, B, C, amino acids / minerals, fatty acids / omega 3, 6, 9 and the main natural compound "thymoquinone / thymol" are very uncommon to other plants and it contains rare component. Medicine is also originally made from nature. LEOJULIEN's black seed oil is a highly concentrated oil. Imagine yourself appreciating 10-20 year after by being aware of daily self-care.



S WOOD oil is extracted from Sandalwood trees that are over 50 years old. Only the necessary ingredients are separated by a special method for skin care, and only the ingredients that are effective for the skin are further extracted by steam distillation. This oil naturally contains santalol*1. It is effective for UV damage care*2 cause it creates collagen on the skin and moisturize the skin. High-concentrated S wood oil improves moisturizing power just by adding few drops to your favorite skin care items. It gives firmness*3 and carrying out gentle massages on wrinkles around the eyes with this oil can be an effective for anti-aging*4.

* 1 Component that directly approaches the cells that hold the key to beautiful skin.
* 2 Care with a barrier function. * 3 One of the essential elements for healthy and beautiful bare skin. * 4 Age-appropriate care.




Many centuries ago, my ancestors crossed the sea from Northern Africa to Europe.
Many centuries past, and here I was born in Japan. i moved to Europe at the age of twelve,
became a professional tennis player,
I went on a tour and lived a life of experiencing different cultures every week.
I had learnt that from different cultures there are different values,
and to spread those different values to the world, creates inspiration that becomes innovation.
Which is one of the reasons why I produced LEOJULIEN
to take part in import/exporting and globally consulting for valuable products and ideas.


It is true that the prices for products made from
100% natural oil varies depending on the company.
This is because of the differences in the levels of concentration and efficacy of the natural oils.
Which can be caused by the varying extraction and production methods
depending on the countries of origin.
The strict selection of LEOJULIEN’s black seed oil comes specifically from Egypt,
a land that is blessed with sunlight and rich soil,
and uses only high concentration natural raw materials.
The richness of our oil and the finest quality can be assured by just touching and comparing it with others.
Our quality of oils are able to support your necessary daily routine
for maintaining long-term beauty and health.

Wisdom of Ancestors